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Olvey, Ransom 1833-1908

In Aug, 1869, Ransom applied for an "Invalid" Army pension based on the fact that he had completely lost the sight in his left eye; suffered from chronic diarrhea which he contracted at Knoxville in 1863 from exposure to bad food and water; and contracted chronic rheumatism as a result of exposure to cold rain and mud. He had also been crushed against a wagon by a wild mule while assigned as a teamster in Huntsville, AL, in Jan 1864. The pension was granted and Ransom collected $12 per month, paid quarterly, until 1888, when it was increased to $17 per month. In filling out a form for the increase, the question was asked "What Record of Marriage Exists?", to which Ransom replied, "Too Girls"! (sic). In an 1890 contest to guess the number of inhabitants of Indiana, Ransom won 1st. prize, a Vose piano, valued at $700.

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