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Charles served in USAAF in WWII and died in the VA Hospital in Indianapolis. He never married. 
Olvey, Charles Herbert (I03455)
2 "Gusta" G. Olvey enlisted in the Women's Army Corp as an aviaton cadet, 27 Jan 1943 in Atlanta, GA. She was a divorcee w/o dependents. Olvey, Augusta G. (I01380)
3 "Lyda A. Brown wife of W. W. Brown died May 15, 1883, aged 29 years 6 months 18 days" In same cemetery as her parents. Maybee, Lydia A. (I05036)
4 "Mary Ann's full name was apparently Mary Ann Adeliza Rosana Alice Virginia.. known as Molly" ... Janie List. Jones, Mary Ann "Molly" (I04053)
5 12 Sep 1918, on his WWI Registration card, Martin gave his occupation as "picture show owner".
In the 1920 Census, he gave his occupation as Owner Theatre 
Armstrong, Martin Clingman (I07166)
6 1820 Federal Census. Source (S00113)
7 1830 Federal Census. Source (S00114)
8 1840 census Surry Co., NC, One male under 5, one female under 5, one male 20-29 and one female 20-29. No trace after 1840 Ball, Isom (I02059)
9 1850 U.S. Census Mortality Schedule. Source (S00001)
10 1850 United States Census. Source (S00122)
11 1870 census Walmer, Mary (I04421)
12 1870 Federal Census. Source (S00115)
13 1880 Federal Census. Source (S00135)
14 1880 U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedule. Source (S00154)
15 1900 census Fannin Co., GA shows a female named Effie, age 13. Could be a middle name ? Jones, Lavina (I04070)
16 1900 Federal Census. Source (S00002)
17 1910 census .. Wilkes Co., New Castle Twp, p. 102B McBride, Nancy L. (I03799)
18 1910 Census Forsyth Co., Winston, Dist 68 Armstrong, Rufus Wiseman (I01619)
19 1910 Federal Census Records. Source (S00003)
20 1918 7 Oct - Age: 29 Columbia, Richland, South Carolina, United States Died of Influenza at Camp Jackson while in the Military; Reported to be buried in Elkin, Surry, North Carolina, USA Shores, Ephrem T. (I01490)
21 1920 census Fannin Co., GA shows an aunt, Mary Brinkley of NC, living with this family. Olvey, Oscar Taylor (I01504)
22 1920 Census, Anderson Co., TN, Coal Creek Twp, Dist. 5, Nellie Olvey was listed as the H.H. at age 18 with her sisters Maggie, Myrtle, Willie and brother Hilery. Olvey, Nellie Adlee (I01389)
23 1920 U.S. Census, Forsyth Co., NC. Source (S00004)
24 1920 U.S. Census, Sycamore, Colusa, CA, In this census, John Riley Olvey was living with his daughter Hazel and gave his marital status as widowed. Source (S00158)
25 1920 US Federal Census, Major Co., OK, Van Twp, ED#164. Source (S00005)
26 1930 Federal Census. Source (S00006)
27 1930 United States Federal Census, Source Medium: Ancestry.com
Fifteenth Census of the United States, 1930, Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1930
Source (S00007)
28 1940 Federal Census. Source (S00140)
29 24 Oct 1861 - Enrolled in Indianapolis, IN in Capt. Wintrope's Co E, 47th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Reg.
Bet. Mar-Apr, 1863 Absent from Company. at Hospital, Millikens Bend, Louisiana. (Co. muster roll entry)
14 Dec 1863 Mustered out in Algiers, LA "to re-enlist as veteran volunteer under General Order 191 War Dept. Levies of 1863", paid $100.
15 Dec 1863 Re-enlisted New Iberia, LA for 3 years
29 Apr 1865 Co. E detached to Headquarters 1st. Div, 1st Army for "guard duty".
1 July 1865 Promoted to Corporal 
Bowen, Albertus A. (I07619)
30 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Abel, J.P. Jr. (I00151)
31 A Bastardy Bond was brought against Prudence Swaim in Yadkin Co., for the birth in 1858.

Luzena Swaim's father was apparently William Howell. He and Prudence Swaim were NOT married. 
Swaim, Prudence Samantha (I04661)
32 A daughter who died at age 11 years and 14 days. Taken from the Maple Grove Cemetery. Olvey, M.W. (I00549)
33 A deed from the heirs of William Brown to, among others, Elisha Brown, Elisha Olvey, Martha Brown, James Brown and Clary Brown, was recorded in Book G-H546 Of Wilkes Co., NC.

Census records between 1810 - 1870 indicate Elisha and Lucy had : 1 fem. bet 1808-1810; 1 fem bet 1810-1820; 2 males bet 1810-1820; 1 male bet 1815-1820; 1 fem bet 1815-1820. 
Olvey, Elisha (I00007)
34 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Costello, N.F. (I05128)
35 A Lucinda Olvey married Charles Marts in Randolph Co., IN on 5 Aug 1850. In the census of 1850, living in Jackson Twp, Hamilton Co., IN, was Charles Martz, age 39, a farmer born in Ohio with real estate valued at $300, his wife Lucinda, age 26, and three children..Andrew J. Martz, age 11, William Olvey, age 4 and Clarissa Olvey, age 3. Harty, Lucinda (I03976)
36 A man named Major Rose, age 35, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Rose, born in Wilkes Co., NC, married M.J. Puckett, 6 June 1866, in Russell Co., VA. I don't know yet if this is the same man, however in a note from Christine Rose of the Rose Family Assoc., that Major Rose was indeed the one who married both Jane Olvey and M.J. (Mary Jane) Puckett.

The 1900 census of Buzzard Rooste, Nicholas Dist. 105, KY lists as follows:
Rose, Major b. Aug 1832 NC age 67 mar 34 yrs
Mary J. b. Dec 1841 age 49 7 ch 6 living
Chas. W. b. Oct 1868 32 sing
Major D. b. Jan 1875 25 sing
Thoms B. b. Sep 1873 27 mar 3 yrs (b. 6 Sep 1873, d. 3 Oct 1935 in Bourbon Co., KY
Sally G. b. Nov 1877 dau in lw 23 mar 1ch 1 living
Morris A. b. Oct 1897 age 2
Lou age 34
Sarah age 29
Mollie age 24 
Rose, Major (I00104)
37 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Olvey, A.L. (I03109)
38 Abraham Clay was apparently raised by Tom and Alice Trittipo, his aunt and uncle. Olvey, Abraham Clay (I02523)
39 Abstract of Will of William Sale of Wilkes Co., NC, dtd 18 Sept 1787, proved Oct. 1788. Wife: Ann. Sons: Cornelius Sale, William Sale, James Sale, Robert Sale. Daughter: Patty Allen. Children: Leonard Sale, John Sale, Sally Robards, Thomas Sale, Peggy Grant, Molley Martain, James Sale, Elizabeth Sale, Robert Sale, Frances Sale. EXEC: Wife. WIT: John Reddin, Willm Mitchell, Mary Reddin. Book 1, page 245. Wilkes County Will Abstracts 1777 - 1910. Sale, William (I03135)
40 Abstracts of Wills of Hamilton Co., IN, 1824-1901, pub. by Cook & McDowell, 1981, p. 23, #109: Polly Olvey is mentioned in the will of William Brown named as his daughter. Brown, Mary "Polly" (I00113)
41 Addie's name was probably Ada. Olvey, Addie A. (I01371)
42 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Abel, C.M.Z. (I05000)
43 After World War II, Fannie Olvey Andis deeded 638 acres of farm land that represented the life savings of three generations of two families, to the Earlham College of Richmond, IN. Earlham received a net of $181,250 for the land and used the money to complete the construction of a woman's residence hall. In appreciation for the gift, the hall was named the Olvey-Andis Residence Hall. (letter from Opal Thornburg, Historian, Earlham College, to Linda Olvey Tucker, dtd. 10 Jul 1968.) Olvey, Fannie Lee (I00084)
44 aka Hoffman Huffman, Phillip M. (I04594)
45 aka Philhower Philhauer, Mary (I04595)
46 aka Widener and Wiedner

d.o.b. could be 1862

Family Picture 1922 Front row: Stan Huffman, Loral Huffman, Glendora Huffman Pascal, Mildred Kahler Huffman, Helen Huffman McDonald, Harry Huffman, Janita Huffman, John Huffman (step-grandfather), Amanda Jane Huffman, Alberta Baldwin, Rod Barker, Madeline Scherer, Norma Thompson White, Mildred Hill Olvey, Louise Hill Busby.
Second row: Harrison Huffman, Kathryn Huffman, Lynn Huffman, Marjori Huffman, Opal Huffman, Tom Huffman, Edna Gettle Huffman, Newby Carey, Ruth Thompson Carey, Samps McDonald, Bertha Huffman Thompson, Clint Thompson, Perle Hill, Lilly Huffman Hill, Myrle Huffman Linon, Reba Huffman Barker, Paul Barker, Jesse Huffman, Hazel Castor Huffman.
Third row: Isaac Newton Huffman, Carrie Huffman, Hallie Thompson McDonald, Bi Joe Huffman, Eva Thompson Kelly, Berniece Linna Boyer, Rosie Thompson Carlin, Bessie Lemon Bell, Mary Jeanette Doane 
Widner, Amanda Jane (I04577)
47 Alabama Deaths, 1908-1959. Source (S00008)
48 Albert was a police officer. Clark, Albert (I00482)
49 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Olvey, A.P. (I03821)
50 American Civil War Soldiers Database. Source (S00009)

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