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251 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I02967)
252 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I02966)
253 Grave stone gives his age as 85 years, 11 mo., and 13 days. If he died Feb. 15, 1915, that means his date of birth was 2 Mar 1830. On the census record of 1850 he was 11 years old. On the 1860 census, he was 18 years old and on the 1880 census, he was 46 years old. All these census records would indicate this man was more likely 75 years old when he died, which would make his date of birth 1839 or 1840. Hemric, Stephen Barton (I05065)
254 Grave Stone. Source Source: S00110 (S00110)
255 Greyhound bus driver shot by passenger while driving the bus on I-83 (Lexington, Davidson Co., NC). "Penetrating bullet wound of skull and brain with fragmentation of brain. Close range homicidal attack." NC death certificate. Nissen, Ludwig Ernest (I06428)
256 Gus came to the US from Frienwalbe (Pamin) Germany when about 18 years of age. His mother's name was Nightengale..per Janie List Brunkow, Gustave A. (I04055)
257 H.E. Olvey enlisted in the U.S. Army Sep 1917 at Camp Travis, TX. He served in Co. I, 357th Inf. Reg., 90th Div. He went to France and fought in the Villier and Hyole Sectors in the battles of St. Miheil, Meuse-Argonne and was gassed at Bethelainville, France, 23 Mar 1918. He was honorably discharged at Camp Pike, AR, 18 Dec 1919. Olvey, Herbert Ernest (I01723)
258 Hamilton Co., IN marriage book 5, p. 404 Family F00639
259 Hamilton Co., IN, book 5, p. 6 Family F00638
260 Hancock Co. Marriage records, Book C-7, p. 337 Family F00105
261 Hannah may have also had the name Jordan. I don't know if she was married previously.

In 1900, she was living in Economy, Wayne Co., IN. 
Shoemaker, Hannah (I03597)
262 Harris Stanley was a justice in Wilkes Co., NC in 1821. Stanley, Reuben Harris (I05698)
263 Harry may have had another wife named Helen Dolores Ash Houts. Olvey, Harry Lee (I07007)
264 Hattie's Death Cert. stated she and her husband had been seperated for 15 years. Hill, Hattie (I05842)
265 Hazel was a foster child. Clark, Hazel Marie (I00658)
266 Helen was a foster child. Clark, Helen (I00659)
267 Helen's hobby was "Egyptology". She was also an author, publishing several short stories and a romance novel. Fenimore, Helen (I03966)
268 Henry cultivated about 200 acres on a farm near Fortville, IN until 1887 when he moved his family to Anderson, where he ran a sand and gravel pit in Irondale. Olvey, Henry James (I00131)
269 Henry died in Statesville, Iredell Co., NC but his residence was rural Lenoir, Caldwell Co., NC. Messick, Henry Hicks (I06143)
270 Her d.o.b. may be January 12, 1812. A bible belonging to Sarah and Isaac Prater is in the hands of Diane Bolton in Hamilton Co., IN. Diane is the gr gr grandaughter of Lucy Ellen Lewis. Olvey, Sarah (I02464)
271 Her name may have been Lurena called "Lute". per Steve Coombs. Olvey, Lurena (I04037)
272 Herman's residence was Cherokee Co., when he died. He was a widower.

He is buried next to Allen M. Howell and shares a stone. 
Martin, Herman Beulah (I06249)
273 IL Deaths and Stillbirths Index, 1916-1947: Alva A. Young, born 18 Dec 1880 in Hamilton Co., IN, died 9 Aug 1942 in Proviso, Cook Co., IL. Buried 12 Aug 1942 in Noblesville, IN. Age 61, occupation Physician. Father: Newton Young, mother: Emily J. Young, spouse: Lillian Young. Young, Alva A. (I06394)
274 In 1739, Jonathan Hager, a German immigrant from Pennsylvania and a volunteer Captain of Scouts, purchased 200 acres of land in the Great Appalachian Valley between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains in Maryland and called it Hager’s Fancy. At this time, there were already about 100 settlers in the area. In 1762, Hager officially founded the town of Elizabethtown which he named after his wife, Elizabeth Kershner. Although the town's official name is Elizabethtown, the popular name for it becomes Hagerstown. Fourteen years later, in 1776, Jonathan Hager became known as the "Father of Washington County" after his efforts helped Elizabethtown become the county seat of newly created Washington County, which Hager also helped create, from neighboring Frederick County. The City Council changed the community's name to Hagerstown in 1813 because the name had gained popular usage, and in the following year, the Maryland State Legislature officially endorsed the changing of the town’s name. Reitenauer, Joseph (I07094)
275 In 1870, IN, Hamilton Co., Fall Creek TWP, Noblesville P.O., dtd Aug. 5, 1870, h.h. #285/287 lists the following people:

Krouse, Conrad, 48 M W Farmer brn Bavaria
Elizabeth 50 W F Keeping house brn NC
William 17 M W Farmer brn IN
John 15 M W Farmer brn IN
Francis 13 M W brn IN
Catherine 10 F W brn IN
Welch, Mary 30 F W At home brn IN

The grave stone connected to this name is obviously not the same person. The Katherine who belongs to this stone could have been the previous wife of Conrad, since she died in Aug (1858?) and Conrad married Elizabeth Olvey Welch in Nov 1858. 
Krause, Catherine (I02474)
276 In 1870, James Felts and children were living in Richland Twp., Fulton Co., IN. Felts, James (I01329)
277 In 1880, Henry was living with his aunt (mother's sister), Luretta Stanley Clark in Hamilton Co., IN.

He may have married Emma T. Appleget in Douglas, IL, 28 Jul 1883. 
Olvey, Henry Wiseman (I00130)
278 In 1900 census, Amos A. Evans was enumerated with his parents in Madison Co., IN with the note that he was married for 0 years. His wife was not listed. His wife was enumerated with her father, Jasper Brooks in Marion Co., with the note that she was a widow. Evans, Amos (I02836)
279 In 1900, John was living alone, boarding with William Meara, but indicated he had been married for 18 years. He was not widowed. His occupation was carpenter. Olvey, John Newton (I00129)
280 In 1900, living in Clinton, Anderson Co., TN as well as in 1910, where William worked in the coal mines. Olvey, William Thomas (I01358)
281 In 1910, a grandson, (Osac) B. Young, born Dec. 1898, was living in William's household. Young, William A. (I01311)
282 In 1910, Jacob's occupation was listed as superintendent in a Gas Field and his family lived on Greenfield and Noblesville Rd. Fall Creek Twp. Census records indicated that he and Louiza had 9 children with 7 surviving in 1900. I could only find records on 5 children. Young, Jacob R. (I01313)
283 In 1930 census, Sedwedge Co., Wichita, KS Nellie C. Turner was listed as a widow Vreeland, Nellie Cosetta (I06118)
284 In 1930, Merton was an electrician for Remy Electric, Ingalls, IN Gardner, Merton (I00175)
285 In 1937, John moved to Donora, PA. Clark, John J. (I00474)
286 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I07758)
287 In Abstracts of Probate Records, Hamilton Co., IN - Conrad Krause, Adm. listed heirs of Benjamin Olvey as his sisters, Sarah Lewis, Mary Klepfer and Elizabeth Krause and John B. Huff, exec. of estate of John Olvey. Each heir received $288.86. Ref. OB-9 290; OB-12 191; final 2 Feb 1880. Olvey, Benjamin (I02469)
288 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I07755)
289 In James Vorhees obituary on FAG, it was stated he had moved to FL in 1960. There was no mention of his wife and no record of her burial in IN. But, in the SSDI, and FL Death Index, there is a Rose Brown, born 14 Sep 1895, died 14 Sep 76 in Tampa, Hillsborough, FL I don't know if this is the same woman. Brown, Amanda Rose (I06370)
290 In the "Surry County, NC Heritage", pub. 1983, para. 317 written by Marjory Hemric Denney, it states that Charity E. Hemric and Calvin Bryant were the parents of the following ch: Delmer B. Bryant; Donnie M. Bryant; Charles H. Bryant; Sally M. Bryant and Burley Bryant. It also states that the first four died as infants and are buried in Fall Creek Cem. Burley married and moved away. Bryant, Opal (I01689)
291 In the 1840 census of Randolph Co., Nettle Creek Twp., in Edmund Olvey's h.h. there were 2 mailes under 5 (Elisha & James), 1 male 5-9 (Noah) and 1 female 5-9, which would have had to have been Elizabeth, who was on the 1850 census, age 17. This was in addition to Edmund and Mary, of course. Which would mean that, if Lucinda was a member of this family, she would eiher have died before 1840, or she and Elizabeth were the same person. Since I have two different d.o.b., I believe it was the former. Olvey, Lucinda (I03127)
292 In the 1850 Census Wilkes Co., NC, this family's name was spelled Hambrick. Hemric, William "Billy" (I00103)
293 In the 1850 cenus, living in the hh of Edmond Olvey was Elisha Harty, age 7. Olvey, Edmond (I03115)
294 In the 1880 census of Randolph Co., IN, Deborah Olvey and her children were enumerated in the household of Jefferson Brown. Wrightman, Deborah Jane (I03277)
295 In the 19 June 1900 census, Diana Young was listed as a widow living in Fall Creek Twp, Hamilton Co., IN and in her household lived her gr daug. Lillie L., her grandson-in-law Andrew C. Wood, and their son Matts F. Wodd. The records indicated that Andrew was born in Apr 1876. Andrew was a farmer

Lillie was born Dec 1878 and Matts was born Nov. 1898. The record indicated that they had 2 children with 1 living.

In the census of 1910, Diana Young, age 76, was living in the household of Clint A. Woods, a house carpenter with his wife Lillie L. They had 6 children with 5 living. Those children were listed as Omao F., a daughter age 12 (this would be the son, Matts), Malcom J., age 8, Thelma I, age 6, Halton R., age 5 and Eva G., age 2. Diana was listed as Mr. Woods' mother-in-law but she was in fact his grand-

In the census of 1920, Diana Young, age 86, was living with her son, William Young and his wife Rebecca, in Fall Creek Twp.,, Hamilton Co., IN 
Creekmore, Diana (I01308)
296 In the 1900 census in Aztec Twp., San Juan Co., NM, John C. Olvey was enumerated as a boarder in the household of ?. He said he was born in May 1863 in GA, his father was born in NC and his mother in TN. He stated he was single. His occupation was "saloon keeper'. Olvey, John Clingman (I01359)
297 In the 1900 census in New Mexico, San Juan Co., Aztec pct. 2, living in the h.h. of Peter Knickerbocker, was John C. Olvey, age 37, a boarder, born May 1863 in GA, father born in NC and mother in TN, single, occupation, Saloon Keeper. Olvey, John Clingman (I01359)
298 In the 1900 census, Amanda sated she had borne 11 children with 7 living at the time. I have only been able to locate 5 of them. Felts, Amanda J. (I01332)
299 In the 1900 census, Fannin Co., Hothouse, GA 14 June
McConnell, Alfred age 43, born May 1859, mar. 8 yrs, born GA occup. farmer
Lizzy age 37, born Oct 1862 in GA, borne 4 children, 3 living.

These dates do not agree with the tombstone dates,. 
McConnell, Alfred A. (I01366)
300 In the 1900 census, Martha had borne 7 children with 5 living. In 1910, 9 children with 7 living.
Death Cert. signed by D. Houston Shore as informant. 
Armstrong, Martha Jane (I01617)

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