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201 Elisha enlisted in the Union Army in Co. E, 57th Indiana Infantry, 6 Nov 1861, and fought in the battles of Stone River, Chickamauga, Shiloh, Corinth, Atlanta and Franklin. He was taken prisoner at Franklin, 30 Nov 1864 but excaped and "came into the Union lines 5 Jan 1865". He was mustered out 28 Jan 1865 having held the ranks of Sgt and 1st. Sgt.

Elisha was appointed Postmaster of Economy, IN in 1872. He was a druggist who owned his own store until about 1 Feb 1895, at which time he suffered a stroke of paralysis which left him unable to work. He applied for and received an "invalid Pension", 7 Aug 1877 in the amount of $12 per month paid quarterly. In a physician's affidavit, dated 29 May 1900, for Belle Olvey, as Elisha's widow, to receive the monthly pension, it was stated as follows:

"He was treated more or less each year since his return from the army in 1865 for disease of the rectum (bleeding piles), asthma and paralysis; that the attacks gradually became more violent each year, until 1895 when, during a severe attack of asthema (sic), he was stricken with paralysis of the right side, which rendered him unconscious for several days. He partially recovered from this attack but his mind was somewhat clouded and he was in a helpless condition until the time o fhis death. About May 12 or 13, he had another stroke of paraylysis which rendered him entirely unconscious in which condition he remained until his death, which occured May 16, 1900, caused from this last stroke of paralysis."

Elisha was described as being 5' 11", light complexion, light hair and blue eyes. 
Olvey, Elisha Kent (I03129)
202 Elizabeth applied for a widow's civil war pension March 30, 1914. She was living with her dau. and son-in-law in 1920 at the age of 76. Cauldwell, Elizabeth (I00081)
203 Elizabeth is buried in the Cranberry Community Church, Laurel Springs, Ashe Co., NC. Dancy, Elizabeth (I05862)
204 Elizabeth was a widow when she married John Riley. Clawson, Elizabeth Matilde Beaver (I00511)
205 Ella is buried next to her first husband and the name Olvey does not appear on her grave stone. Hemphill, Martha Elmira "Ella" (I01909)
206 Ellen Olvey had a granddaughter named Elizabeth "Libby" Martin, married to George Martin and living in Dawsonville, GA. This according to her gr. granddaughter, Susan Olvey. Olvey, Ellen Jane (I01501)
207 Elsie died of pulmonary tuberculosis and is buried in Mt. Glead Cem., Hancock Co., IN. Olvey, Elsie (I00348)
208 email deborahpj@triad.rr.com Phillips, Deborah (I04269)
209 Enlisted 30 Jul 1862 as a pvt. in Co. K, 75th Indiana Infantry Regiment. Died 21 Jul 1864 in the 3rd Div. Hospital, 14th Army Corp, 2nd Brigade of his wounds received at the battle of Peach Tree Creek, GA. He was originally buried in Atlanta. Brown, William (I07444)
210 Enlisted 8 Aug 1862, mustered out, 8 June 1865 in Washington D.C. Enl. as a pvt., m.o. as a Sgt. Ridenour, Isaac R. (I07097)
211 Enlisted in U.S. Army Air Force 15 Nov 1940, served in Egypt, Tunisia, Sicily and India. Rec'd the Distinguished Unit Badge, EAME Campaign Medal with 4 Bronze Stars, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with 1 bronze star and the American Defense Service Medal. Discharged 5 Sep 1945. Olvey, Robert J. (I02430)
212 Enlisted U.S. Army, 16 June 1943, Indianapolis, IN Olvey, Leonard J. (I00196)
213 Enoch Olvey and Susan Prater were not married. At the time of the birth of Alfred M. Prater/Olvey, Enoch Olvey was married to Martha "Patsy" Denney Olvey from 1825 until the time of her death in 1868. A little less than 6 months after Patsy's death, Enoch married her sister, Jane Denney Dobbins, the widow of Levi Dobbins, in Hancock Co., IN. Olvey, Enoch (I00016)
214 Enoch Olvey was a successful farmer and pump maker. He and his wife, Patsy, were members of the "Hardshell" Baptist Ch.

Moved to Indiana from NC around 1827.

Bondsman for their marriage was Enoch Sale, son of Leonard Sale.

Enoch Olvey was a witness to the will of Leonard Sale in Wilkes Co., NC, Nov 1824.

Enoch and Patsy Olvey were living in Wayne Co., IN Center Twp. in 1830 and in Vernon Twp, Hancock Co., IN in 1840. They later moved to Green Twp., Hancock Co., where they lived out their lives. 
Olvey, Enoch (I00016)
215 Esther was a foster child. Clark, Esther (I00660)
216 Eula Belle Dycus Threadgill was a widow with a son, Francis Threadgill. Dycus, Eula Belle (I02255)
217 Family picture: back row: Benjamin Leonard Boyd "Lonnie" Martin, Richard Harvey Martin, William T. Martin, Bynum R. Martin, Lucind L. Brown Martin. Front row: Jane Lucinda "Janie" Martin, Hugh Guy "Huey" Martin, John William Martin holding Ruth E. Martin, Sarah Clementine Swaim Martin holding Ellen Blanche Martin, Dinah Lee Martin. Martin, John William (I01970)
218 Fanin Co., GA Death Records, 1927-1934. Source Source: S00020 (S00020)
219 Fanin Co., GA newspaper "tidbits", Source Medium: Newspaper
Source Source: S00021 (S00021)
220 Fannie is buried in the same grave as her parents. Groce, Fannie Mae (I04213)
221 Faye Lois apparently never married. Olvey, Faye Lois (I03887)
222 Federal Census 1870. Source Source: S00022 (S00022)
223 Federal Census Records, 1850-1930. Source Source: S00023 (S00023)
224 Federal Census Records, 1910, Forsyth Co., NC. Source Source: S00024 (S00024)
225 Felix moved to TX in 1904. Headstream, Felix Jefferson (I02302)
226 Fielder Alvey (sic) and William Brown deeded to Joseph Brown, 61 acres of land on the waters of Hunting Creek, Wilkes Co., NC, 14 Nov 1807.

Fielder was living in Wilkes Co. in 1810 He may have migrated to Indiana before 1820. Not found in the 1820 or 1840 census. In 1830, he was living in Richmond Twp., Wayne Co., IN, and in 1850 in Fall Creek Twp., Madison Co., IN.

In the census of 1850, Fielder stated that he was born in the state of Maryland. Other census records show that Fielder and Lucy Olvey had at least three daughters between 1800 - 1810, one daughter between 1815-1820 and one son between 1825 - 1830, all born in NC with the possible exception of the last son. 
Olvey, Fielder (I00003)
227 Fielder worked as a druggest in his brother, Elisha's store, and as a gardner and a mechanic in a shoe repair shop. He apparently never had children.

In the census of 1910, he was living in Perry Twp., Economy, Wayne Co., IN with his nephew, Byron A. Fox and in 1920, with his sister, Lettie Repogel, in Wayne Co., IN. He as listed as a cobbler with his own shoe repair shop. 
Olvey, Fielder E. (I03132)
228 Finley G. Messick enlisted in Co. H, N.C. 58th Infantry Reg. The 58th was part of the Army of TN. (source: U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles, North Carolina Troops 1861-1865, A Roster.) Messick, Finley G. (I06142)
229 Fort Ruger is a fort on the island of O?ahu that served as the first military reservation in the Territory of Hawaii. Named after Civil War General Thomas H. Ruger and built in and around Diamond Head Crater, the fort was established by the United States in 1909 for the purpose of defending the harbor of its newly annexed territory.

Fort Ruger was the site of Battery Harlow, armed with eight 12-inch mortars. The fort's prominent location on Diamond Head made it a natural fire control station, with several posts built into Leahi Peak Despite being listed on the National Register of Historic Places, portions of the site are still used for training by the Hawaii National Guard 
Stamper, Pvt. John C. (I07938)
230 Francis served in the U.S. Army in WWII in Europe. He is the retired Auditor of the State of IN. Gardner, Francis Howard (I00179)
231 Francis Stout was a cabinet maker. He volunteered 10 Oct 1861 in Huntington Co., IN for Co. G, 34th IN Infantry. He died of chronic diarrhea, 20 Dec 1863 in a military hospital designated Hosp. 13, AC. Stout, Francis M. (I07483)
232 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I03621)
233 Frank M. Hicks was a veteran of WWII, held the rank of Staff Sgt. and earned the Bronze Star. Hicks, Frank Martin (I06208)
234 Freda was living in Key West, FL in 1980. Olvey, Freda Irene (I00405)
235 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I02550)
236 Genealogy Resource Center for Cherokee Co., NC. Source Source: S00025 (S00025)
237 George and Amanda Olvey Thomas were enumerated in Henry Co., Dudly Twp IN, in 1910 and 1920. The census indicated they had no children of their own. A nephew, Jesse McCord, was living with them in both years. Olvey, Amanda D. (I00442)
238 George served in Co. I, 124th IN Regiment in Civil War. Herron, George Washington (I00500)
239 George Sparks served in Co. C, 13th Regiment, enlisting 27 Sep 1862, age 34. Sparks, George W. (I03345)
240 Gladus enlisted in the U.S. Army, 2 Sep 1944 at Camp Croft, SC. He was single. Source: WWII Army Enlistment Records Bryant, Gladus Leo (I05150)
241 Gladys apparently never married. Olvey, Gladys I. (I00401)
242 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I02357)
243 Gordon was Postmaster of Hamilton Co., for 20 years.
He was the head of the Democratic Party in Hamilton Co. He was the first Democratic Mayor of Noblesville in 52 years. He died of a heart attack while in office after serving only 21 days. 
Olvey, Gordon Bert (I03094)
244 Grace Hickman worked at Nugents frm when she was about 13 until she got married at 27. She started out as a "cash girl", they would carry money from one department to the other. One of the bosses noticed her and she was promoted to bookkeeper, a job she had for many years. She worked with Danny Burneman, and they both fell in love, but neither could get married. She supported her "widowed" (divorced) mother since her mom and dad separated, and her little brother John.
Shore, Grace (I08163)
245 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I02428)
246 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I03179)
247 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I06214)
248 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I01572)
249 Graduate of the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY. Class of 1986. Olvey, John Taylor (I01573)
250 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I02968)

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